What to Expect From a Professional Design Build Company

From design, through to the final completion of the project, a design and build company such as Towne Tree & Landscaping Inc. can orchestrate your Walpole, MA, landscaping project with more efficiency and fewer hassles than if you were to take on multiple contractors yourself. Here’s how you can benefit from a company with an all inclusive skill set:


The biggest difference between a design build company and general contractor is that the first one holds a single-source responsibility and contract risk for every aspect of the project. Design build teams manage everything from estimation, assessment, pre-construction and architecture to contracts with companies, engineering, construction, and post-construction.

Two of the biggest perks of hiring this type of company for your project are the cost savings and simplicity. Basically, you’ll get the same advantages that you would enjoy with a general contractor but with the added benefits of professional design, smooth organization, potential cost savings, and clear, complete plans.

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An educated designer will make sure the process is well-executed, accurately planned and followed through. You also won’t have to worry about managing the project yourself as you will be guided through the relevant stages and tiniest details of the process.

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Single Source of Liability

With a design build company you get a single source of accountability. The design build team collaborates together, building a relationship that serves as a foundation for successfully completing the project. On the other hand, if you hire two or more different companies, you are more likely to experience some disputes in liability should disaster occur. You would have to separately select a designer or an architect, bid on the project, select a contractor, and finalize the design. After finishing all these daunting tasks, you would also be involved in the project as a mediator. With a professional design build company, all these things are taken care of for you, so you can sit back and enjoy watching the project come together.

Efficient Project Completion

Having several experts on the same team means better organization, coordination, knowledge and execution. Errors in interpretation of design can lead to fatal errors for landscapes and outdoor buildings. These mistakes are not only costly, but take a lot of time to repair, which results in delays and loss of precious time. With an all-in-one design build company these things are less likely to happen because of clear communication with experts working closely together to ensure your project is a success.

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Quality Control

Unforeseen challenges arising during construction work is not uncommon. If such an issue does arise, a single team of experts, equipped to deal with all eventualities, is better suited to handling the problem than a number of independent groups. With multiple companies, as the contractors change during the stages of building, if some of them didn’t execute their job properly, the following contractor will face issues. This can lead to you paying the second contractor to fix the job of the first, or finding a new one that will take good care of it. This can cost you time and more money for fixing mistakes that you had originally agreed upon. With a design build team and their build methods, you will be certain that every stage of the process of building and every material used are controlled and inspected by a single reliable entity.

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