Trending Backyard Designs This Summer

Just as you update your Sciituate, MA, home’s interiors, an update to your outdoor areas every once in a while is a great way to give your landscape a fresh new look. So if it is time to give your outdoor living space a makeover, take a look at these top outdoor landscaping trends for this summer season:

Bringing the Indoors Out

Get ready to bring the indoors outside. The biggest trend this year is to create a seamless transition from the indoor living room or sunroom to your outdoor space. This can be done by matching your outdoor pavers to your indoor flooring, add an awning that extends your ceiling into your patio or by adding French or sliding doors that open out onto your patio. You can also use outdoor rugs, sofas, side tables and throw pillows to make it all the more inviting and give your patio a sense of indoor comfort. The backyard is now an extension of the indoor space, and you get to decorate it with fun outdoor furniture and decor just as if you were indoors.

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Fun Printed Pillows

A sure way to make the outdoors look more inviting is to add fun colored pillows. Look for bright colors to cozy up your patio space. These patterns and colors can be repeated in your plant beds with bright flowering shrubs or perennials for a cohesive look.

Keep Your Color Palette Cool

Some of the favorite fabric colors this season are soft coastal blues, bisque and ivory. And of course let’s not leave out the already trending bamboo and jute colors. These fabrics can provide a fresh new look to your outdoor areas in the form of outdoor curtains and shade cloths.

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Retro Is Back

Forget that ornate outdoor furniture of a few years ago. Retro is this year’s summer trend. If you can’t find real retro furnishings, don’t worry! Many manufacturers are bringing the retro look back in their new furniture designs. Natural, woven styles and even crochet are hot items. Think 70’s with rattan and wicker inspired pieces.

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Non-Traditional Colors

Although rattan is back, modern manufactured materials are stronger and the new off-the-wall colors of woven furniture is fantastic. Think light blue distressed, or bright blues and oranges. These can be matched or contrasted with vibrant concrete pavers and brought to life after dark with an effective outdoor lighting system. Speaking of which, experimenting with outdoor lighting colors can also achieve some interesting effects and add a surprising new mood to your outdoor living areas.

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Natural Materials

By the same token natural is back when it comes to building materials as well. Patios and walkways in natural stone styles are the way to go. Up until recently installing natural stone was a challenging undertaking for homeowners because of availability, cost and the discrepancies in color and size. However with new precision cutting methods for natural stone, a larger global market, and the advancement of concrete pavers with stone-like finishes, these problems have been eliminated. Now the look of flagstone, bluestone, and sandstone is easily achieved.

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