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How to Select Stone for Your Hanover Outdoor Patio

Natural stone’s unparalleled elegance and beauty make it one of the most popular materials for outdoor patios in Hanover, MA. Aside from being a gorgeous visual addition to an outdoor space, natural stone is also known for its durability and strength. When choosing the right type of stone for your patio, one of the most important things is finding the golden mean between performance and appearance. The three key metrics to consider when selecting the right stone for a patio are texture, shape, and color.

Constructing a patio with highly durable natural stone is also crucial for the long-term beauty of the landscape. If stone is the material you prefer for your patio project, here are some tips to help you select the right type:


Fieldstone offers a traditional look and impresses with its warm earthy tones. This natural stone is ideal if you are after an organic, rugged look that will add subtle contrast to bolder colors and complement existing greenery and water features. Fieldstone is suitable for use around pools because of its texture which guarantees a reliably non-slip surface even when wet. As well as being used for paving, fieldstone can also be stacked to form walls and low-to-the-ground structures. Fieldstone is great for creating patios and outdoor spaces with a cottage or country theme.

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One of the most popular natural stones, bluestone comes in a variety of stunning blue, grey, brown, and even green hues that match both contemporary and traditional backyard styles. If bluestone is machine finished, it will provide clean lines that work perfectly in a minimalist environment. If you want to be creative with the laying patterns of the patio, bluestone offers a sandy texture and layered appearance that will make an intricate mosaic even better. Because of the coolness of its coloring, bluestone is ideal for creating spaces with a formal, sophisticated feel.

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This natural stone is often sourced from India or China, although local varieties do exist. Sandstone comes in a variety of colors, grey and gold being the most common. Sandstone offered by Unilock is quarried in India and impresses with its color palette of subtle colors, varying textures, and durability. Unilock offers excellent quality natural stone sourced from trusted quarries around the world. A variety of surface treatments ensure natural stone with low water absorption, high flexural strength, and excellent freeze-thaw durability. Another thing that makes Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone so special is its consistency of thickness and dimensions. Sandstone can offer a sunny, beachy feel to your patio, or rich, natural aesthetic that is compatible with a rustic theme.


Because of its elegant colors and refined, almost silky surface, limestone is the ultimate attention grabber and will turn your patio into the focal point of your landscape. Limestone by Unilock is a natural stone with exceptional quality that blends with virtually any type of landscape design. However, limestone is especially ideal for modern landscapes because of its fine detail and sleek sophistication.

Image courtesy of Unilock.