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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Improving Safety in Your Hanover Backyard

Outdoor lighting not only extends the hours that you can enjoy your Hanover, MA, backyard, it can also help to make your landscape safer. Well-planned landscape lighting will transform your yard from a dark, foreboding space to a warm and inviting area. Consider these outdoor lighting ideas to create a beautiful atmosphere and a safer landscape for you and your guests.

Lighting for Safety

Aside from aesthetics, there are three main areas of concern when designing a comprehensive outdoor lighting plan. You want to make your yard easy to navigate for your family and friends. You also want to deter would-be criminals or vandals from entering the yard. And you want to eliminate areas where potential dangers could be concealed.

A professionally designed outdoor lighting system will highlight the best features of your landscape while addressing issues that an untrained eye may not be aware of. A landscape design company, such as Towne Tree & Landscaping, Inc., can identify problem areas and potential hazards, such as low-hanging branches or a change in grade. They’re also knowledgeable about which type of lights work best for a particular location and how to properly position lights to avoid dark shadows.

Control Systems

Automatic lighting control systems can help make your outdoor lighting system more convenient and effective. A control system can turn lights off or on at intervals or specified times, and can also change lighting levels. An automatic system will save energy by ensuring lights are only on when necessary. Timers, light sensing photocells, and motion detectors all offer added security when properly installed in combination with well-placed lighting fixtures. A control system can also help to ensure that lighting for safety remains on all night, while lighting for aesthetics is turned off when not needed.

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Lighting High Traffic Areas

Good outdoor lighting will ensure that everyone can move safely around your yard. Well-lit walkways and transition areas are key to making your yard easier to navigate. Post lights are effective at entrances to walkways or driveways to highlight access points. The goal is for guests to easily locate gates and entryways while deterring intruders from entering a well-lit area.

Path lighting will help guide visitors and direct the flow of traffic while making potential tripping hazards visible. Path lights should shine downward, creating a soft glow that illuminates the ground without any upward glare. Step lights are a stylish and unobtrusive way to improve safety on stairways. Small, flush mount lights are installed on the front of risers or under tread lips to highlight steps at foot level.

Highlighting Hazards

Features that are considered fun during the day can present significant dangers at night. A pool, for example, is an extremely popular feature in any yard, but without proper lighting, a pool is off limits after dark. For maximum safety, a poolscape should feature a combination of underwater and above ground lighting. Beautiful LED underwater lighting systems have replaced bright underwater spotlights, creating the perfect atmosphere for safe nighttime swimming. Well-lit entry points such as stairs, ladders, and pool edges will increase safety for those in and out of the water.

Cooking without proper lighting can also pose many dangers. An outdoor kitchen should feature good overall lighting, as well as task lighting on counters, cooking surfaces, and sinks. Adding dimmers to your kitchen lighting will allow for maximum brightness while cooking, that can be toned down when the meal is done.

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4 Design Tips for An Eye-Catching Outdoor Fireplace

Let’s face it: from December to February, nobody wants to stay outdoors for too long in Milton, MA. But that’s only a quarter of the year and you have no reason not to enjoy the outdoors during the months remaining – especially if you have an outdoor fireplace.

Regardless of the style of fireplace you opt for, a crackling fire not only gives your landscape a luxurious look, it also brings feelings of comfort and coziness. Fire features are a key element in keeping alfresco activities going even after the temperature drops. So, get ready to transform your outside space and check out the ideas we have gathered to give you some inspiration.

Level up your existing patio

Chances are you already have some sort of hardscaped area in your backyard. Fortunately, an outdoor fireplace can easily be added to an existing patio or paved surface, provided it rests on a strong foundation. A fireplace made of either natural stone, or concrete units designed to replicate the coloring and texture of natural stone, can give a huge boost to the aesthetic of an existing patio, adding character and a stunning focal point. Whatever building material you select, adding accents to your fireplace design to reflect the colors of your surrounding elements can help tie the patio and outdoor fireplace together. This can help make it seem as if the fireplace has been standing since the initial construction of your patio.

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Pools are a great match

There’s no reason to have to choose between an outdoor fireplace or a pool. Not only can you have both, the two are perfect complements to one another, allowing an extension of time by the pool and the enjoyment that comes with the ambience of both. As a warm day slips into a chilly evening, you can go from an afternoon at the pool into a warm evening around the outdoor fireplace. Consider adding futons or other comfortable and inviting seating options to smooth the transition from one outdoor space to another. Permanent seating is also a great option, providing ample space and a place to dry off around the fire after a swim.

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Unconventional shapes

Who said that a fireplace has to have the traditional look? The benefit of a custom outdoor fireplace design is that your fireplace can have basically any shape you want within safety and regulatory parameters. Modern fire features are often integrated into walls or vertical structures and follow straight, clean lines with a horizontal emphasis. The design of a custom outdoor fireplace can also be adapted for accessible firewood storage and incorporate personally selected materials to match the style theme of your outdoor spaces.

Fireplace kits

If you’d rather go for something simple, a fireplace kit can do the job. A common misconception is that kits look cheap and mass produced. However, there are a variety of kit options out there from trusted brands. Kits can also offer some room for customization and have the advantage of a guarantee and quick installation.

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