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Creating Privacy in Your Massachusetts Backyard

In this world of instant communication, a space to unplug and unwind is essential for peace of mind and privacy. It’s not that we dislike the neighbors; it’s that we want to have that first cup of coffee on the patio with a bed head and mismatched pajamas.

There are fences, of course, high enough and solid enough to ensure privacy, but often aren’t decorative or discrete enough to maintain a soothing backyard ambience. Luckily, there are other options. Let’s take a look at how you can ensure your privacy while contributing to the overall décor of your backyard.

Thuja Green Giant

Now here’s a lush fence that remains soft and thick all year long. The Thuja Green Giant grows fast, three to five feet a year, and because it grows so tall and slim, it takes up little very little space. They look like those elegant sculpted trees in a French Renaissance garden and maintain their shape well, even without pruning. The Thuja can be planted in rows to create a privacy shield and will also help with heating bills by protecting your home from the wind.

Quaking Aspens

Quaking Aspens lined up along the edge of your property are hard to top in terms of natural beauty and elegance. Their trunks are smooth and pale with black markings. Their green leaves are glossy, and in autumn turn into the most spectacular shades of gold for a stunning visual effect. Quaking Aspens adapt well to any climate and grow from the frigid Arctic Circle to the burning heat of Sierra Madre in Mexico. A slightly faster grower than the Thuja, Quaking Aspens shoot up some four to six feet a year. If planted in groups of four or more, the Quaking Aspen can provide the ambience of a backyard forest and the kind of privacy that goes with it.  The Quaking Aspen is one of the few trees that can be identified by their sound. The leaves are roughly square shaped and flutter and tinkle, like a soft wind chime.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the face of the earth. Plant it along your property line, at selected spaces around your yard or around your patio, and you will have a graceful, swaying, Zen-like privacy fence. Bamboo can get out of control though, so may require containers to restrain its growth.

Garden Structures

Pergolas and trellises are attractive structure that can be used to create an area of privacy in your yard. They diminish the ability of visual interlopers to look in without completely blocking your view or stopping that lovely breeze from coming through. You can enclose as much or as little of your yard as you like in whatever arrangement that serves your purposes. Ivy and/or flowering vines can be added to further ensure a secluded retreat.


Screens are beautiful outdoor privacy options that are available in a wide range of materials, including bamboo, wicker, wood, resin, and vinyl. Many of them fold out to allow for interesting arrangements. Screens may also be hung from outdoor structures. Place them how, when and where you need privacy.

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