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What a Landscape Contractor Can Do for Your Property in Duxbury

Many Duxbury, MA, homeowners acknowledge the need for hiring a professional to do the most demanding landscaping work. But a landscape contractor can help you solve even the smaller, often overlooked problems that may be present in your outdoor space, at the same time making it more beautiful, functional, and durable. Here is what a landscape contractor can do for your property:

Maximize Use of your Outdoor Space

When it comes to proper landscape design, a professional contractor will be able to advise you on how to maximize the amount of outdoor space available to you. This can be done in a number of ways, from proper organization to creating multi-purpose features, and reducing the amount of space wasted by slopes and unmanageable topography.

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Realize your Landscape Vision

Many times, homeowners have a clear image of how they want their landscape to look and which elements they want to include, but lack the necessary knowledge, skill, or time needed to turn this into a reality. A landscape contractor can help you remodel or renovate your outdoor space to match your vision, while ensuring that the space is well organized and practical.

Be Inspired

One of the best things about hiring a landscape contractor is being able to tap into their expert knowledge and experience to help you build an idea of what sort of landscape would be best for enabling you to experience peace and comfort. Regardless of whether you prefer a modern or more traditional feel, a professional will be able to offer you a number of options and make sure you get the exact look you want.


While some landscape contractors may work with an architect who takes care of the drawing and proposals, a design-build company like Towne Tree & Landscaping, Inc. offers these two services from the same team. This means the homeowner deals with only one person that is accountable for the project and only one team is on-site for the entire project, from start to finish. This translates into efficiency and cost-saving, as well as a more personable approach.

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Construction Work

Regardless of whether you need to repair your drainage system or install a complex retaining wall system, a landscape contractor can help. A landscape contractor can also help you prevent soil erosion, create areas of comfort, and install structures using their hardscaping skills and knowledge. You will also get expert advice on where your landscape elements should be placed. Your contractor will take detailed measurements of the site, and put together a plan based on environmental factors, topography, and natural water flow.


A large part of a landscape contractor’s expertise involves knowing how to create stunning softscapes that work with the natural characteristics of your property. This includes knowing which plants to use where, how to create natural fences to offer structure and privacy, and what irrigation and fertilization methods are necessary to help the plants thrive. In addition, soil testing will determine which parts of your landscape are suitable for certain kinds of planting in order to help you maintain healthy, lush greenery, all year round.

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Why You Should Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Company for Your Hingham Property

Hiring a commercial snow removal service will ensure that your Hingham, MA, business operates smoothly despite poor weather conditions. Keeping your business venue clear of snow will prevent harm to your clients and employees, freeing your company from liability. By plowing the parking lot, deicing the sidewalk, and performing a range of other tasks, a snow removal service will ensure that your commercial property is always prepared for winter. Contact Towne Tree & Landscaping, Inc. to inspect your property and determine the best strategies for snow and ice removal for your business.

Safer parking

As a commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that drivers and pedestrians can safely traverse your property and parking lot. In the winter, this entails keeping your parking lot clear of ice and snow. If someone were to slip on ice, or a collision was caused by unsafe conditions, your business could be held liable for medical expenses, a loss of wages, and damage to personal property.

Potential clients also tend to formulate their opinion of a business from the moment they pull into the parking lot. A dangerous lot that offers a treacherous path to the front door can make a strongly negative impression on potential customers and suggests that your business does not care about the wellbeing of its clients and employees. Professional commercial snow removal service, such as that offered by Towne Tree & Landscaping, has the staff and equipment needed to make quick work of your parking lot and keep it in good shape all winter long.

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More efficient parking

Parking lots that have not been plowed or deiced can possess obscured parking lines that make it difficult for drivers to determine where they should park. This uncertainty tends to lead cautious drivers to park further away from adjacent vehicles than necessary. This wasted space could actually leave you with fewer parking spaces than your business actually offers, potentially turning away willing customers because of space restraints. Hire a reliable commercial snow removal service that will plow your parking lots regularly and ensure that parking bay demarcations are always visible.

Convenience and co-operation

Collaborating with your commercial snow removal company will help you to determine the most efficient and convenient times for parking lot plowing, deicing, and snow removal, in order to not interfere with the operations or appearance of your business. Hiring a professional snow removal service will allow you to rest assured, knowing that your driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot will be kept clear all winter long and that you won’t be met with any unpleasant surprises.

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Fewer expenses

Many business owners are reluctant to invest in professional snow removal, as they are concerned about the effect that its cost will have on the business. However, commercial snow removal services have proven to save countless businesses from having to cover the additional expenses that come with acquiring, storing, and maintaining commercial grade snow removal equipment. A professional service will also complete the task in a fraction of the time taken by inexperienced or unequipped personnel.

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Advantages of Hiring a Design Build Company over a Basic Landscape Contractor in Milton

What is the difference between a design-build company and a basic landscape contractor? Having a design-build company to remodel your Milton, MA, home means employing a single entity who will ensure a smooth workflow, quality construction, and an attractive design. On the other hand, a basic landscape contractor only takes care of the building side of the project, leaving the design to another company (architect or designer) – of their, or your, choice. While this traditional approach still works for some homeowners, we have witnessed many cases of financial discrepancies, delays, and design fail due to poor communication and coordination between the separate teams. If you are on the fence, here are the benefits of selecting a design-build company such as Towne Tree & Landscaping over a general landscape contractor for your project:

Work with One Team

A design-build company is staffed with skilled designers and builders. These experts work as a single entity on planning and executing your project from the beginning to the very end. Design-build teams focus on completing a project that meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

One of the biggest advantages of a design-build company is that one person, usually a project manager, is accountable for everything. Dealing with both an architect and a general contractor and coordinating their communication can be overwhelming. Working with a unified team means that regardless of the challenges the team encounters, the issues will be dealt with by an experienced individual to successfully finish the project.

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Increased Efficiency which Translates into Lower Costs

For increased efficiency, you only need one team who is invested in making the project as cost-effective as possible by having their expert staff readily available in order to offer open communication and collaboration. That by itself will contribute to a shorter timeline.

Starting a project with one company allows the team to calculate everything that will go into designing, building, and organizing all of the smaller details. This gives them an opportunity to get involved in the project from start to finish, ensuring continuity of labor. The team will know why you want and need certain things, and the initial intention of the design. They will also develop a greater understanding of your preferences and personal style and deliver to you your desired vision. The entire team will be actively invested in overcoming the challenges together. On the other hand, this can be diluted amongst the subcontractors when working with a basic landscape contractor. The designer, for example, may move on to other projects and not be actively present during the building process.

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Focus on the Design

For homeowners, quality matters, however, there is no point in remodeling your home and ending up with something with which you are not satisfied. A design-build company focuses on the design and the craftsmanship that goes into the design as a single project. One of the biggest problems with hiring a basic contractor is that you never quite know how the building team might alter what the design team has put into place and what the final result might be.

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Keep your Property in Top Shape All Year Round with these Landscaping Services in Milton

A simple way to make a statement with your Milton, MA, landscape is to keep it in great shape throughout each season. Making smart decisions connected to your property’s functionality and appearance is far easier with the professional landscape and property maintenance services offered by Towne Tree and Landscaping, Inc. The following are basic landscaping services that we offer in order to keep your property flawless.

Design Build

One of the most exciting aspects of our work is turning your outdoor vision into a reality. From the initial concept through to a detailed plan and beyond to the final construction, we work closely with our clients in developing their landscapes to their full potential. As well as constructing and installing additional elements, we can assist you in choosing materials, deciding on color schemes, and selecting laying patterns that most suit the architectural style of your home.

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Creating and maintaining gorgeous landscapes is our specialty. Our experts will test your soil for planting, decide on the best flower, shrub or tree options for your area, and determine where they’ll thrive the most in your landscape. We welcome questions and offer advice on which types of plants are the right for you based on your landscape’s layout, design theme and personal requirements.


Regular maintenance of your hardscapes and softscapes is what keeps your outdoor space looking immaculate throughout the seasons. Our landscape maintenance service will inspect every corner of your property, repair any damage, and correct any challenges you may be facing before they can become major issues. Maintenance requirements change from season to season. As such our adaptive strategies ensure that your landscape receives the care it needs specific to the time of year. This includes fall cleanups, snow removal, and repairing winter damage in order to take advantage of the spring growth season and ensure a gorgeous summer landscape.

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Irrigation is a great way to save money and create an eco-friendly, water-wise landscape. Professionally installed irrigation systems use water strategically by targeting the zones that require water and in amounts that are optimal for the specific flora.

Turf Care

Taking proper care of a lawn requires regular mowing and maintenance with the right equipment, as well as fertilizer and seeding techniques, to keep it healthy. Our lawn care service is committed to keeping your lawn disease-free and in top shape.

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Tree Services

Our certified arborists have the level of knowledge and experience to plant, care for, and maintain your trees year in and year out. Pruning or removing trees is dangerous work that should be done only by a trained professional. Regular tree inspection and tree disease treatment and prevention is vital for maintaining an immaculate landscape and will increase the value of your property.

Plant Health

Thriving plants add warmth and life to your outdoor space, and keeping them healthy and colorful is a huge part of what we do. Soil testing, fertilization, and general care ensures that your plants add vibrancy and character to your landscape.

Why Fall is the Best Time of Year for an Outdoor Fireplace in MA

Days are getting shorter, nights cooler – a sure sign that fall is approaching in Milton, MA. If you’re looking forward to staying toasty, now is the best time of the year to install a fireplace, before winter arrives in full. Winters here can be frigid, making temperatures and flurries of snow the norm – a good reason to start construction on any project now.

Contractors are Available

Fall is a great time of the year to enjoy mild weather and blooming fall flowers. It’s also a great time to add a supplemental heat source to your outdoor living area. It’s wise to get a headstart by having an outdoor fireplace installed now while contractors are more available. With spring and summer projects out of the way, contractors are freer with their schedules and will be able to slot you in for the construction of a new outdoor fireplace. They’ll also be able to give more attention to the choosing of materials and construction while completing the project faster with the deadline of winter just around the corner – just in time to invite family, friends and guests to take advantage of the fireplace in the cooler weather.

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Convenience for the Homeowner

Fall is also a convenient time of the year for homeowners that want to remodel an outdoor space, since summer can often be a busy time in the yard with family gatherings and kids on break. But with schedules returning to normal in the fall, construction in the yard poses little inconvenience, particularly with such a easy-to-install feature as an outdoor fireplace.

An Outdoor Fireplace in Fall Extends the Summer

If you’re loathe to see the end of the sunny days and warm nights of summer, an outdoor fireplace can help you extend that summery feeling that little bit longer. Keep the season of outdoor socializing going by having an outdoor fireplace installed and firing it up for warmth and evening enjoyment.

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The sounds of a crackling fire in the fall is sure to bring back the memories of childhood camp outs, nights around a grill roasting marshmallows, and other enjoyable experiences. There’s no doubt that the sound of a crackling fire creates an environment of peace, relaxation and nostalgia. Because the summer heat is now past, a fireplace is essential for enjoying a fall evening outdoors.

Comforting and Relaxing Warmth

The warmth a fireplace produces is both comforting and relaxing – a definite benefit of having an outdoor fireplace in the fall. Because of the drop in temperatures, a patio can become unusable unless additional heating is installed. The heat of a fireplace is often all that is needed to beat back the bite in the air, particularly if your patio has additional wind protection or covering. In fact, enclosing a patio with a permanent roof structure and vinyl or glass siding can be a great way to continue to enjoy the space through winter.

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What to Expect From a Professional Design Build Company

From design, through to the final completion of the project, a design and build company such as Towne Tree & Landscaping Inc. can orchestrate your Walpole, MA, landscaping project with more efficiency and fewer hassles than if you were to take on multiple contractors yourself. Here’s how you can benefit from a company with an all inclusive skill set:


The biggest difference between a design build company and general contractor is that the first one holds a single-source responsibility and contract risk for every aspect of the project. Design build teams manage everything from estimation, assessment, pre-construction and architecture to contracts with companies, engineering, construction, and post-construction.

Two of the biggest perks of hiring this type of company for your project are the cost savings and simplicity. Basically, you’ll get the same advantages that you would enjoy with a general contractor but with the added benefits of professional design, smooth organization, potential cost savings, and clear, complete plans.

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An educated designer will make sure the process is well-executed, accurately planned and followed through. You also won’t have to worry about managing the project yourself as you will be guided through the relevant stages and tiniest details of the process.

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Single Source of Liability

With a design build company you get a single source of accountability. The design build team collaborates together, building a relationship that serves as a foundation for successfully completing the project. On the other hand, if you hire two or more different companies, you are more likely to experience some disputes in liability should disaster occur. You would have to separately select a designer or an architect, bid on the project, select a contractor, and finalize the design. After finishing all these daunting tasks, you would also be involved in the project as a mediator. With a professional design build company, all these things are taken care of for you, so you can sit back and enjoy watching the project come together.

Efficient Project Completion

Having several experts on the same team means better organization, coordination, knowledge and execution. Errors in interpretation of design can lead to fatal errors for landscapes and outdoor buildings. These mistakes are not only costly, but take a lot of time to repair, which results in delays and loss of precious time. With an all-in-one design build company these things are less likely to happen because of clear communication with experts working closely together to ensure your project is a success.

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Quality Control

Unforeseen challenges arising during construction work is not uncommon. If such an issue does arise, a single team of experts, equipped to deal with all eventualities, is better suited to handling the problem than a number of independent groups. With multiple companies, as the contractors change during the stages of building, if some of them didn’t execute their job properly, the following contractor will face issues. This can lead to you paying the second contractor to fix the job of the first, or finding a new one that will take good care of it. This can cost you time and more money for fixing mistakes that you had originally agreed upon. With a design build team and their build methods, you will be certain that every stage of the process of building and every material used are controlled and inspected by a single reliable entity.

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Functional Outdoor Lighting Plans: The Do’s and Don’ts

Lighting can really make or break a room — the same applies for outdoor lighting and the exterior of your Milton, MA, home. A well designed outdoor lighting plan increases safety and security, besides providing amazing curb appeal and ambience for your outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor lighting involves more than just focusing lights on trees or along walkways. A well planned functional outdoor lighting system provides benefits far beyond its immediate visual impact. It also sets the tone for a relaxed mood. Mood and environment are equally set by what is in shadow, light, and the interplay between the two.

Below are some outdoor lighting do’s and don’ts to help you get the ambience you’re looking for in your outdoor areas, but remember you don’t have to go at it alone. Contact us for assistance with the design and installation of your outdoor lighting system.

Outdoor Lighting Do’s

  • Do opt for LED Fixtures. LED lighting uses much less energy than regular bulbs. LEDs also last longer and are available in a variety of colors. The choices are many when it comes to LED fixtures.
  • Do use Multiple Layers. Make use of multiple layers, but avoid overdoing the number of fixtures. For example, you can place spotlights at different angles to light up a garden statue or create silhouettes. The intention is to avoid drawing attention to the light themselves, but rather to add more detail and effects, staggering lights as opposed to grouping several in a single bunch.
  • Be Concerned about Shadow as Well as Light. A relaxing atmosphere is established through the interplay of light and shadow. For garden walls, for example, consider using well lights positioned at the base to shine upwards. The interplay of light and shadow on the wall’s face will highlight the stone’s texture.
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Outdoor Lighting Don’ts

  • Don’t light only patios, walkways, and trees. Doing so isolates these elements and surrounds them with darkness. This is unflattering, especially if you’re trying to relax on your patio and can’t see beyond the darkness at its edge. Instead, position lights at the edge of the property in plant beds and trees. This helps ground these elements within the larger landscape design and provides a sense of depth.
  • Don’t forget to light other features of your landscape. This includes pillars, peaks and overhangs. They are unique and illuminating them not only enhances the beauty of the home, but also casts an ambient glow over the yard.
  • Avoid selecting fixtures based on aesthetic only. Even though aesthetics is important, you still need to factor in light output and performance. Take into consideration how much wattage you need and the type of bulbs you prefer besides finding a look you love.
  • Don’t employ bullet lights for every aspect of your home’s exterior. Even though they are versatile and can be fitted with different bulbs and beams, they are still essentially spotlights. Limit bullet lights to corners and architectural details instead.

Landscaping Near Me: Finding the Best Contractor in your Area

Finding the best contractor for your landscaping needs in Milton, MA, is an exercise not to be taken lightly. Your landscape is a significant portion of your property, has a substantial effect on property value, and directly affects your enjoyment of the yard. Base your choice upon documented evidence of qualifications and experience, depending on a provided guarantee of work.

Word of Mouth

Employing word of mouth and value of reputation to find the best landscaping contractor near Milton, MA, is an age-old trick, but with the power of social media, it’s been turned on its head. You can easily reach out on a social media platform and receive dozens of opinions and suggestions within a few seconds. Restrain from immediately hiring someone suggested by your good friend, however, until you have verified the qualifications, value, and experience of the company.

Check References and Portfolio

Once you have a few suggestions from trusted friends and acquaintances, request references and portfolio access. Get to know the company and find out the quality of their work from past clients. Remember to ask questions about how well he or she stays true to schedule, financial estimates, and agreed upon designs. From the portfolio, you may be able to further narrow down your options based upon the artistic eye of the contractor and how well their style matches what you wish to achieve. At this point, you should also ask for verification of all licenses, bonds, and insurances needed. A reputable contractor will have no problem providing these documents.

Establish Creative Agreement

Second only to professional qualifications, agreement with your landscaping contractor regarding aesthetic design is a critical component of your decision. Function and style should always meet, and the design should always complement the existing architecture of the home. Focal points, flow of movement, and suitable materials require a comprehensive master design. Your landscape contractor should be able to assist you with its creation.

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Agree on Time, Money, and Guarantee

Finally, once you’ve established the reputation, abilities, and creative eye of the contractor, nail down contract specifics. The right landscape contractor will be able to provide an estimate of time required and budgetary needs that should serve as a fairly accurate framework over time. While weather and other obstacles aren’t always clearly foreseeable, an experienced professional will know the range of time and money required for your landscaping projects.

Ensure that all relevant items are agreed upon, and document these agreements in writing. The contract should include signatures from both parties and address all important issues. Keep in mind that once you have a formal contract, any changes must also be made in writing for the modifications to be legally accountable. For example, a Unilock Authorized contractor offers a lifetime guarantee on Unilock products. The company offers this promise because all contractors with this qualification have been tested and proven, with regular reassessment of the quality of their work ongoing. This level of confidence shouldn’t be overlooked as you make such an important decision.

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