Big Advantages of Using Trees and Plantings in your Front Yard Landscaping

Front yard plantings and trees in Milton, MA, can change the look and feel of homes for the better. Landscaping with native wildflowers and grasses contributes to a healthy environment and brings a taste of the wilderness to urban, suburban, and corporate settings by attracting a variety of butterflies, birds and beneficial insects. Trees and plantings in your front yard also contributes greatly to curb appeal, as well as privacy and relaxing aesthetic.

Any front yard can benefit from trees and plantings. What would be most appropriate for your home? There is a wide range of options available—maybe a cedar split-rail fence would look nice knee-deep in daylilies and laced with rambling roses. Or a courtyard wall with alcoves featuring a water feature or an attractive arrangement of desert plants. Whatever the case, these are the advantages you can look forward to by incorporating greenery into your front yard:

Invites Guests to the Front Door

Plantings can help to frame the front door or lead the eye up towards it. Growing a vine over an archway at your front entrance, for example, highlights the front door and draws attention to it. The same can be said for plantings or small trees on either side of a walkway that leads up to the entrance of your home. The repeating pattern also provides a pleasing rhythm and symmetry.

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Improves Air Quality

Landscaping with plants and trees helps improve air quality on both a local and global level. Ground level ozone and air toxins can be drastically reduced by plantings and trees. The moisture released gradually by plants also help to reduce the number of dust particles in the air.

Creates a Cozy Setting

A house sitting on a small corner can be the perfect setting for a cottage yard. It can include a patio bordered by flowers and a picket fence with focal points such as a bench from which one can enjoy the outdoors. A rose-covered arbor over the front gate or a herb garden that borders the walk to the front door can invite guests upon their arrival.

Keeps Historic Style

Plants can help keep the historic style of a house. Old woody trees and mature plantings hint at a home that has been standing for ages. For establishing a foundation of evergreens, boxwoods can be used to quickly and effectively achieve the look of a mature garden.

Increases Biodiversity

Having natural plants supports greater biodiversity. Natural plants provide a diverse diet and habitat for birds, insects and other animals that are beneficial to your yard. In heavily developed urban areas, even small patches of natural landscape are critical in maintaining populations of native fauna and flora.

Prevents Environmental Damage

Hardy plantings help keep soil in place, preventing soil erosion and damage to property. This can be especially handy if your front yard slopes. Plants also help to reduce stormwater runoff, and what water is not kept back by leaves and roots is filtered of debris.