5 Most Important Landscape Design Essentials in Every Backyard Massachusetts

5 Most Important Landscape Design Essentials in Every Backyard

Your Massachusetts backyard should be a vibrant, fun area of which you can be proud. After all, it’s a place for spending time with family, entertaining guests, and relaxing after a challenging day. Here are five design essentials to set you on your way towards an incredible backyard.


Don’t settle for a sterile or cookie-cutter design. Originality is key for a design you can proudly incorporate into your backyard. Try a bold, innovative design or consider a new take on a traditional, modern, mediterranean or rustic theme. Incorporating select, personalized pieces is also an excellent way of achieving originality. Natural features also offer a unique aesthetic owing to the fact they are produced as one of a kind by nature. Consider incorporating natural stone pavers, rock arrangements or naturalistic water features to ensure your landscape stands out from the crowd.

Useable living space

A useable outdoor living space is essential for entertaining and relaxation and may also serve as a space for preparing food and dining. As such, your patio should be designed with elegance, practicality and comfort in mind, while reflecting the beauty of the rest of your property.

High quality paving materials, as well as functional facilities such as an outdoor kitchen, wet bar and fire feature are excellent options for creating such a space. Comfort also plays a huge role and can be facilitated by comfortable, carefully selected outdoor furniture or convenient permanent seating. For an evening ambience, don’t forget to include lighting.

To increase usability and accessibility, a patio should be linked to the home with safe and effective walkways or flow from the home as an extension.

Focal Points

Adding focal points to your backyard will draw the eye while creating a point around which the rest of the area revolves. Focal points also make arranging furniture and other features easier, as they tend to fall into place once focal points are positioned. Water features, sculptures, fire features, custom furniture and other unique pieces make for excellent focal points for adding character and structure to a backyard design.

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If a space seems boring or unlively, it may be time to incorporate a water feature. These can be used to create a green oasis in your backyard, attract wildlife and promote a soothing backyard ambience.  Fountains, ponds, streams, and waterfall features are ideal for introducing dynamism into your yard. However, movement can also be introduced in a number of other ways as well. Consider a strategically placed cluster of reeds that blow in the wind, or introduce the impression of movement by incorporating sweeping lines and bold curves.

Linked spaces

Linking spaces are essential to creating flow in a backyard design, as well as promoting accessibility to your various backyard spaces. Walkways are ideal for this purpose and can be constructed from gorgeous natural stone pavers, cobblestone or even stepping stones. For multi-leveled backyards, steps are another way of linking spaces and be the perfect opportunity to showcase quality natural stone verticals.

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