5 Essential Elements for Your MA Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your landscape is an investment that pays dividends in increasing property value and your family’s enjoyment of your backyard. If you’re confused about the range of essential elements for your outdoor kitchen in Westwood, MA, we’ve compiled a few vital considerations. Remember to choose materials that are complementary to the design of your home and other outdoor spaces, in order to keep the entire design unified and balanced.

A Place for Prep

Enjoying a meal with family or friends begins with the preparation stage. This initial part of the cooking process requires a surface area on which to season, cut, and otherwise get food ready for cooking. When it comes to prep room, the more the better. Whether you choose to incorporate a patio island or counters connected to your grill area, the choice should be made with an eye toward making the most efficient use of the space available.

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A Place to Cook

The most obvious choice that you’ll have to make is your method of cooking. Whether you purchase an expensive grill, construct your own outdoor pizza oven, or create a construction that allows for a range of cooking methods, dedicate a space near the prep area for cooking alone. You might include a rotisserie, smoker, gas or wood burning grill. Consider your outdoor cooking habits and include the units best suited to your purposes.

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A Place to Clean

During and after cooking and enjoying your meal, you’ll need a place to clean the mess. Requiring a sink and a trash receptacle, this area should be designed for efficient and quick cleanup. Whether you typically clean as you cook or save the mess for after the meal, with a nearby clean up area with running water, sink, appropriate cleaners, and tools, you’ll find that the clean up is much quicker and easier than if you were to have to travel back and forth inside the house carrying dirty dishes and wet cloths.

A Place for Storage

Storing food outside requires some form of cabinetry for non-perishables, as well as a refrigerator for perishables. Being able to prepare meals without running inside and out for ingredients and tools is an essential requirement of a truly independent outdoor kitchen space. While you will likely use the fridge space mostly for refreshments and pre-made foods before a celebration, the extra space and cold drinks for your guests is a huge convenience. Moreover, for those who cook regularly outdoors during the summer, it simply makes sense to keep commonly used ingredients within the space where they’ll be used.

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A Place to Eat

Finally, the point of your outdoor kitchen will be to share a meal with family and friends. You’ll need a dining area specifically for this purpose. The floor space should be stain resistant and easy to clean, and the seating should be comfortable with a nearby surface space for eating. You can choose to purchase luxurious outdoor furniture or construct a permanent dining space. Either way, consult a landscape design professional to ensure that the space complements the rest of your outdoor space, as well as your existing home’s architecture.

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